Hua, Lijuan

  • Published: 2014-12-08
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Name: Hua, Lijuan
Title: Associate Professor of Atmospheric Scienece
Email: hualj(at)
Office: 610 in Teaching Building

Research Interest


Global Change and Drought

Urban Heat Island Effect

Climate statistics




2007  Ph.D.   Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

2004  MA. Sc. College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography, Ocean University of China, Qingdao

2001  B.S.     Yunnan University, Kunming   


Professional Appointments


2009.12-present      Associate professor at GUCAS

2007.07-2009.12     Assistant professor at GUCAS





2010-2012 Water Recycling Ratio in China




Climate Statistics


The course provides an introduction of the application of statistical methods to atmospheric data. Topics in the course include the probability, empirical distribution, probability distribution, hypothesis tests, time series analysis and multivariate statistics.


Climate Dynamics


The course provides an introduction to main topics in climate dynamics, including the basics of climate system, teleconnection in atmospheric circulation, low-frequency modes in climate system, air-sea interaction, air-land interaction.


Seminar in advanced physics of Earth’s interior


A graduate seminar that discusses very recent advances in mineral physics and geophysical observations to the earth’s interior such as seismology and MT methods.


Selected publications


Hua Lijuan, Ma Zhuguo, and Zhong Linhao. A Comparative Analysis of Primary and Extreme Characteristics of Dry or Wet Status between Asia and North America. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 2011, 28(2), 352-362.

Hua Lijuan, Ma Zhuguo. The evolution of dry and wet periods in Asia and North America and its relationship with SSTA. Chinese J. Geophys. ( in Chinese), 2009, 52(25), 1184-1196.

Zhong Linhao, Hua Lijuan, and Feng Shide. A climatology of extratropical transition of tropical cyclones in the Western North Pacific. Journal of Tropical Meteorology, 2009, 15(2), 130-147.

L. J. Hua, Z. G. Ma, W. D. Guo. The impact of urbanization on air temperature across China. Theor. Appl.Climatol, 2007, doi 10.1007/s00704-007-0339-8.

Hua Lijuan, Ma Zhuguo, and Zeng Zhaomei. A comparative analysis of the changes of extreme temperature and extreme diurnal temperature range between large cities and small towns across Eastern China. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Science, 2006, 30: 237-251.