Li, Yongbing

  • Published: 2014-12-08
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Name: Li, Yongbing
Title: Associate Professor of Computing Geochemistry/Isotopoc Geochemistry/Applied Geophysics
Phone: 86-10-8825476
Email: yongbingli(at)
Office: 109 in SCI&TEC Building

Research interest


● Sulfur isotope geochemistry

● Computing geochemistry, chemistry geodynamics

● Applied geophysics




2005  Ph.D.   Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

2002  B.S.     University of Science and Technology of Beijing   


Professional Appointments


2009.06-present     Associate professor at GUCAS

2008.06-2009.06    Assistant professor at GUCAS

2006, 12-2009, 06   Postdoctoral fellow, Earch Science School  GUCAS.





2007-2009 Sulfur isotope fractionation in complex sulfides


2010-2012 The thermal condition (PhEh) of ore-forming




Crystal Chemistry of Mineral


An overview of crystal chemistry of minerals. Topics include the symmetry of crystalstructures  of mineralsbond theory including covalent bondelectrovalent bondmolecular bond and metallic field, crystal field theorycoordinate field theory and the application of these theory in minerals.


Genetic Mineralogy


An introduction to Genetic Mineralogy. Topics involve the typomorph of mineral, such as mineral structure typomorphtypomorphic mineral assemblage, mineral isotopic typomorph(SHOC)mineral spectral typomorph etc.


The application of Genetic Mineralogy in Ore Prospecting


A graduate seminar that discusses the application of genetic mineralogy in ore prospecting, including the indication of the coexisting minerals, some patterns of ore prospecting using genetic mineralogy and the introduction to the advance in the ore prospecting.


Selected publications


Sun Xing-guo, Li Yongbing, (2011) Characteristics of fluid inclusion of varite in Longtoushan polymetallic sulfides ore deposit, inner Mongolia:Evidence for submarine hydrothermal sedimentary deposit. Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica, 4(549-557).

Sun Xing-guo, Li Yongbing, Liu Hongtong(2011) The application of integrated geophysical prospecting method to the evaluation of Longtoushan polymetallic sulfides ore deposit, inner Mongolia, Progress in Geophysics 4(1326-1333).

Li Yongbing, Shi Yaolin, (2008) Advances in the theoretical calculation research of sulfur isotope

fractionation in sulf ides, Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica, 3(241-246)

Yongbingli, Jianmingliu, (2006), Calculation of sulfur isotope fractionation in sulfides , GCA, 70 (1789-1795)




VLF instrument with auto-measure function patent number(ZL 2011 2 0131551.3)

VLF instrument with auto orientation, patent number (ZL 2011 2 0131497.2)

VLF instrument with Orthogonal antenna, patent number (ZL 2011 2 0131505.3)