Li, Yumei

  • Published: 2014-12-08
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Name: Li, Yumei
Title: Associate Professor of Geology
Phone: 86-10-88256496
Email: liym(at)
Office: 622 in Teaching Building





Research interest


Biomarkers and stable isotopes in sediments




2002  Ph.D.   Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS

1999  M.S.    Lanzhou Institute of Geology, CAS

1996  B.S.     Changchun College of Geology   


Professional Appointments


2005.06-           Associate Professor,Graduate University of CAS

2004.07-2005.05     Assistant Professor,Graduate University of CAS

2002.07-2004.07     Post Doctor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS





2008-2010 Spatial patterns of hydrogen isotopes of n-alkanes in soil

-Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011-2013 Deposits of Wangzuo Cave and their paleoenvironmental significance




● Foundations of Paleo-environmentology


An introduction to provide a synthesis of the past decade of research into global changes that occurred in the earth system in the past. Focus is achieved by concentrating on those changes in the Earth's past environment.


● Biogeochemistry


An overview of the cycles of chemical elements, such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and their interactions with and incorporation into living things transported through earth scale biological systems in space through time.


Selected publications


Sun Fengrui, Li Yumei, Chen Jianfa, Meng Qianxiang. The research of Odd-Even Preference of n-alkanes in plants and its environmental significance. Global Geology (in Chinese), 2011, 30,469-473

Li Yumei, Liu Tunsheng. Hong Bing , Chu Guoqiang , Hong Yetang , Zhu Yongxuan , Peng Jianhua , Dong Limin , Han Jiamao.δ13C, δ18O values and their paleoenvironmental significance of modern asian takin tooth enamel from the yarlung zangbo grand canyon.Scientia Geographica Sinica(in Chinese). 2009, 917-922

Tao Qianye, Li Yumei, Wang Guoan, Qiao Yanhui, Liu Tunsheng. Variations of microbial communities and the contents and isotopic compositions of total organic carbon and total nitrogen in soilsamples during their preservation. Acta Geologica Sinica. 2009, 801-840

Li Yumei, Chen Jianfa, Luo Jian, Liu Tunsheng. Relationship between the Carbon Isotope Compositions of single alkanes in plants and their growing environments. Acta Geologica Sinica (in Chinese). 2000, 74, 273-278