• Published: 2014-12-08
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Name: Liu,Qing
Title: Associate Professor of Geology
Phone: 86-10-88256694
Email: qingliu(at)
Office: 610 in Teaching Building

Research interest


Igneous Petrogenesis; Geochemistry

Using geochemical data to date the ages of igneous rocks, to trace their sources and petrogenetic processes, and to constrain the tectonics and geodynamics of magmatism.




2005  Ph.D.   Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

1999  B.S.     China University of Geosciences, Wuhan   


Professional Appointments


2009.07-present      Associate professor at GUCAS

2007.11-2009.06     Assistant professor at GUCAS

2005.07-2007.10      Postdoctoral fellow, GUCAS





2008-2010 Platinum group elements (PGE) and Re-Os isotope systematics of Wenduermiao-Xilamulunhe ophiolites, Inner Mongolia: petrology and tectonic implications




Igneous Petrology


Igneous Petrology provides integrated, comprehensive coverage of physical and chemical facets of magmatic rocks and magma systems. Field relations and fabrics of rocks together with their mineralogical, chemical and isotopic compositions facilitate interpretation of rock origin. The dynamic evolution of magma systems is considered from their chemical and kinetic properties. Sources of magmas and how they are generated and subsequently evolve are also considered in the context of global tectonics.


Physical Geology


An introduction to all key areas of physical geology, as well as the compositions of the earth, the states of the Earth’s interior and recent events that have shaped our world. It also involves investigations into the way the earth works, how rocks and mountains are formed, how the crust and mantle interact with each other. The course also integrates current thinking on processes (such as plate tectonics, changes throughout geologic time).


Selected publications


Li H, Liu Q, Hou QL, Xu HH, Zhu MX and Zeng GH.(2011).Distribution and fractionation of Platinum-group elements in mantle peridotites from Kedanshan ophiolite, Inner Mongolia. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 27(6):1759-1769

Liu Q, Hou QL, Xie LW and Zhou XH.(2008). Distribution of Platinum-group elements in ultrmafic rocks from Bixiling, Dabie orogen. Progress in Natural Science,18(1):58-67

Liu Q, Hou QL, Zhou XH and Xie LW.(2008).Platinum-group element geochemistry of Cretaceous mafic-ultramafic rocks in the Northern Dabie. Geology in China, 35(5): 859-868

Liu Q, Hou QL, Zhou XH and Xie LW.(2005).The distribution of Platinum-group elements in gabbros from Zhujiapu, Dabie orogen. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 21(1):227-239

Zhang XH, Liu Q, Ma YJ, Wang H. (2005). Geology, fluid inclusions, isotope geochemistry, and geochronology of the Paishanlou shear zone-hosted Gold Deposit, North China Craton. Ore Geology Reviews, 26: 325-348