• Wei, Dongping

    Title: Title: Professor of Geophysics

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256319

    Email: Email: dongping(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 615 in Teaching Building

  • Wei, Rongqiang

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Solid Geophysics

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256310

    Email: Email: wrq1973(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 613 in Teaching Building

  • Wu, Chunming

    Title: Title: Professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256312

    Email: Email: wucm(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 619 in Teaching Building

  • Yan,Quanren

    Title: Title: Professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone:

    Email: Email: qryan(at)ucas.ac.cn, qr

    Office: Office:

  • Yang, Fumo

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Atmospheric Environm

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256333

    Email: Email: fmyang(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 625 in Teaching Building

  • Yao, Fengmei

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Climatology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256496

    Email: Email: Yaofm(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 622 in Teaching Building

  • You, Haitao

    Title: Title: Assistant professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256447

    Email: Email: youht(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 621 in Teaching Building

  • Yu, Jinhai

    Title: Title: Professor of Geodesy

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256493

    Email: Email: yujinhai(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 629 in Teaching Building

  • Yu, Xiangwei

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Geophysics

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256482

    Email: Email: yuxw(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 113 in SCI&TEC Building

  • Zeng, Qingli

    Title: Title: Assistant Professorof Geoengineering

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256464

    Email: Email: zengql(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 606 in Teaching Building